Come meet me in the sky I’ll be waiting for you
And we can’t hear what they say
Up in my air balloon
~Lily Allen – Air Balloon~

Adrian & Jaclyn’s Topiaries at Beaumont wedding in the Samford Valley was filled with lots of family, friends, fun and… BALLOONS! Lots & lots of balloons! For the group photos each guest released a balloon which made for some great shots! Such a fantastic idea! We also did something we wouldn’t normally do – a photo booth! Crazy animal masks FTW! We loved every moment of their day at the spectacular Topiaries at Beaumont & we think you will love it too!

Topiaries at Beaumont Wedding Photography


Make Up – Make Up by Louise // Hair – Mairs Hair Mobile Hairdressing // Bridesmaid Dresses – Gowns of Elegance // Flowers – Flowers With Expression // Jewelry – Prouds // Wedding Bands – Brad Kearton // Place Cards – Most Inviting by Kristie // Celebrant – Tracey Francis // DJ – Brent from Decibels // Venue and Catering – Topiaries